On August 7, 2014, in Buenos Aires- Argentina, Dr. Hourani began the LDI campaign by attending and speaking at the lunch that was held in her honor and organized by His Excellency the Ambassador of Lebanon to Argentina Mr. Antonio Andary. Muslim and Christian religious leaders, Dr. Juan Alejandro Tobias Rector of The Universidad del Salvador- USAL, Ms. Daher; journalists, and presidents of various Lebanese and Syro-Lebanese organizations attended the lunch. The visit to Argentina was a resounding success. LDI was well received by both Lebanese-Argentineans and Argentineans who agreed that Lebanon is an ideal area for dialogue and the ideal host for an international center on dialogue. The work that Dr. Hourani launched will be continued by Prof. Mujir, Mr. Hage, Ms. Daher, and many friends of the project. In fact the enthusiasm generated during her visit and the hard work of the team in Argentina resulted in Argentina replacing Lebanon regarding the number of petition signatures generated worldwide during the months of August and September, 2014.

Dr. Hourani also gave a lecture in the Espacio Cultural Universitario (ECU), attended by a large number of high school students from San Jorge Orthodox School and from the "Living and Coexisting Together School" in Rosario. Dean of the Faculty of Economics Prof. Javier Ganem, lecturers, and members of the Lebanese Rosary Society also attended this event. The Initiative was presented interactively, which encouraged students to think and express their views about freedom, dialogue, and conviviality. Member of the Lebanese-Druze community of Rosario Mr. Camel Chaya interpreted from Arabic to Spanish.


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