Meeting with the Lebanese Community in Paris

Through the efforts of LERC liaison officer, Mr. Antoine Menassa, Dr. Alam had the chance to meet prominent members of the Lebanese community in Paris. He also participated in a dialogue conference focusing on recent conflict in Ukraine. The Archimandrite Charbel Maalouf, a Professor at the Institut Catholique and pastor of the Greek Melkite Church of Saint Julien The Poor in Paris, pledged his support of LDI during a meeting. Monsignor Maalouf was excited to learn about LDI and agreed to promote the Initiative by organizing academic conferences in Paris. Dr. Alam was also warmly received by Ambassador Gauttier and Mrs. Faten Mourad, of Lebanese descent, both of whom work under the direction of the President of the IMA, Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture in France. Mrs. Mourad, as an influential member of the Directorate, organized this appointment with His Excellency Mr. Gauttier, former Ambassador of France in the Arab countries and Special Adviser to President Jack Lang. Mr. Gauttier enthusiastically welcomed Dr. Alam who explained the Initiative and expressed his desire for an endorsement of the Initiative from IMA. Mr. Gauttier assured Dr. Alam of his personal support of LDI and vowed to seriously look into the question of endorsement from IMA in due time.

Meeting Senator Christianne Kammermann at the Senate

On October 14, 2014, Dr. Alam, Mr. Antoine Menassa, and Mr. Nicolas Fiani, Secretary General of the Lebanese HALFA Men of Affairs Association in France, were received in the Senate by Senator Christiane Kammermann, who was enchanted by the idea of having the United Nations designate Lebanon as a Center for the Dialogue of Civilizations. The Senator promised to promote the initiative at the highest level of the French government in her capacity as a Senator, and as a member of the Finance Committee and a member of the Commission of the National Defense of the Republic. She reviewed the endorsement letter and signed the petition.

Meeting Ambassador Khalil Karam at UNESCO

On Tuesday afternoon, October 14, 2014, Ambassador Khalil Karam, permanent delegate of Lebanon to UNESCO warmly received Dr. Alam, Mr. Menassa and Mr. Fiani and offered valuable advice with respect to achieving the LDI goal of UN recognition of Lebanon as a Land of Dialogue of Civilizations. Ambassador Karam was already familiar with LDI and fully supports it. He suggested that an international conference to promote the Initiative be held in Paris in cooperation with UNESCO.

Meeting M.P. Elie Abboud at Assemblee Nationale de France in Paris

Dr. Alam accompanied by Mr. Nicolas Fiani, Mr. Stephane Mouradian and Mr. Antoine Menassa visited Mr. Elie Abboud, the first immigrant member of the French parliament in France. Mr. Abboud is an exceptionally influential member of the parliament who before embarking upon a political career after remarkably successful career as a cardiologist. Mr. Abboud is committed to furthering the petition campaign, signing a letter of endorsement, and introducing the initiative to many influential organizations in France.

By all means, the enthusiasm generated during his visit and the hard work of the team in Paris resulted in an increase in the number of signatures in France.







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