Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Iran

Representing LDI, Dr. Edward Alam participated in an international conference co-organized by CRVP and Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran on December 6, 7, and 8, 2014. The conference discussed religion, peace violence, modernity and modern types of violence; religion and inner peace; Abrahamic faith and the idea of Pacifism; Peaceful and Violent reading of Religious Texts; Theological treatment of Violence; Religious Extremism; and Nihilism and Violence. All these themes were openly discussed in a genuine spirit of Christian/Muslim dialogue. Dr. Alam’s paper, “The Metaphysics of Violence: Comparative Reflections on the Thought of René Girard and Mahatma Gandhi”, compared contemporary Eastern and Western thinkers on the subject, while introducing LDI in this context. He stressed that there is a need to “expose violence for what it is in its essence, so as to renounce it, and thus make room for genuine peace”. In the conclusion of his paper he wrote, “violence is an invisible, ambiguously transcendent, disordered force that feeds upon itself by parasitically taking advantage of the whole range of immoral human desire. To renounce it is nothing short of renouncing all evil and immorality through a hyper-conscious decision to strive daily to know the truth and to do the good, precisely by loving the beautiful—the very place where the good and true meet—and that one sacred space where violence dares not show its hideous face.” Many Iranian scholars accepted to participate in LDI activities in Lebanon and in Iran in the near future.


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